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Middle School Lunch Prices – updated 8/11/14

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Need to know – 8/11/14

Nutrition Notes

A new study reveals that regular childhood exposure to healthy foods—even if the child does not like or eat them during childhood—increases the likelihood he/she will enjoy these foods as an adult.

All Williamsville schools are providing the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools which includes packages foods and beverages. Please select this link to see the detailed nutrition standards.

Parents:  Encouraging your child(ren) to eat healthful foods begins with parents enjoying these foods, also.  After reading this article, you may want to try some of the recipes found in the Value Your Veggies link below.

Value Your Veggies:  Although this specific year-long vegetable promotion has ended, we welcome you to visit the Value Your Veggies web pages.  Who knows—you might find a recipe that you and your children will like!

Families Receiving Free or Reduced Price Lunch:  You will want to read this newsletter from Ellyn Satter, expert in child nutrition.

Forms to apply for free lunches or reduced-price lunches are available in your student’s school office, the district office, and on the district website.  If your family qualifies for the reduced-price benefit, the price is only 40¢ per lunch.  This information is confidential.  Because the information is coded in our computer system, the students appear to be charged for their lunch in the cafeteria the same as all other students.

Flavored vs. White Milk:  All schools offer flavored milk cartons that are fat-free only.  White 1% milk, is also available.  Please let us know if your child prefers fat-free milk; we have discontinued it in some schools, because students were not selecting it.

The flavored milk has been re-formulated to reduce sugar content by 19 percent.  Sucrose (table sugar) has replaced the high fructose corn syrup.

We are pleased to continue to offer our students flavored milk as an option.  Milk, whether flavored or unflavored, remains the most nutritious beverage choice at lunch for our students.

A study of 58 schools that have eliminated flavored milk in their lunch program reveals a dramatic drop in students drinking milk.

For a good summary of this issue, please review Flavored Milk in Perspective by the National Dairy Council.

       *       *       *       *       *       * 

As a parent, are you apprehensive about selecting safe classroom snacks when there are students with food allergies in your child's class? If so, federal legislation has made it easier to understand whether a packaged food is free from common food allergens.

* * * * * * *

For the convenience of our students and parents, the lunch program now has printed nutrition information available on most of the items on the lunch menus.

Please just ask any cook for the lunch menu nutrition information. She will hand you the binder to look through, which has the items in alphabetical order. The nutrition information is similar to what is on packaged food: list of ingredients and the Nutrition Facts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

We try to serve the menu items that the students will enjoy as well as provide good nutrition. If your family has a favorite recipe that may be used by the school cafeterias, please feel free to send it to us by email (, mail (800 S. Walnut, Williamsville, IL 62693); or drop off at one of the school offices.



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