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Online Video Resources

Collaborative Presentation Tools Available Online for You and Your Students to Use

Learn360 is a subscription product made available to the District teachers and is similar in scope and use to United Streaming. Questions about its use or setting up student use? Contact Mrs. Letterly.

Teachers' Domain and PBS Learning Media along with Annenburg CPB's offer links to video clips, print resources, lesson plans and more. Create your own account at each of these terrific educational sites to search, save and use the resources they have.

WGBH Boston’s Open Vault, archives, by subject, film clips from its wonderful educational resources.

TeacherTube keeps growing by leaps and bounds and its content is teacher-driven. Register to make the most of this great site.

Awesome Stories has over 400 films in a variety of educational subjects, plus many more resources. Create an account to use this resource.

Khan Academy offers more than 3300 academic films and is a great resource for both you and your students. You can log-in with your school email log-in.

Enrichment and More

PBS has developed a new website devoted to Adolescent Literacy – reading and writing in the classroom. Newsletters, articles, author presentations, and blogs for teachers and more are available at Adolescent Literacy.

Discovery_Education , National Geographic Education, and PBS all offer excellent, free resources for K-12 teachers looking for enrichment activities.

Thinkfinity offers standards-based, "pop-up free" links to quality lesson plans and resources in a variety of formats for the classroom teacher.


Remember, with all of these tools, success is best guaranteed through preparation (storyboarding and collaborative planning). Want help?

Wordle (NOTE: The Gallery area has some adult content.) Learn it and have your students start with the CREATE button. Great tool for vocabulary units, “ME” words, summarizing activities with reading.

Animoto for Educators. Create your account and get your students going on making their own film presentations.

Prezi is a zoom-in, zoom-out presentation editor, allowing students to embed narration, files, videos and more onto one surface.

Museum Box is like an online shadow box – each side of each open box can contains text, pictures, embedded videos or files. This has so many potential applications.


Information Literacy and Learning

Landmarks for Schools,
a site created by 21st century thinker David Warlick, is dedicated to the idea that the very idea of information – its creation, how we use it, how we access it – is changing right before our eyes.

Common Core Standards for Illinois

I-SAIL (Illinois Standards Aligned Instruction for Libraries) aligns Common Core reading standards to the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner and the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for Grades K-12.




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