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Illinois 5 Essentials Survey

Attention Parents of students at WCUSD#15: We value your input regarding feedback and improvements for our schools. Please consider taking the time to complete the 10 minute 5 Essentials Survey.


Parents with multiple children in multiple buildings will be to provide feedback and input for each building their child attends.

The information and data collected will be reflected on the 2019 Illinois School Report Card. Your feedback and input will help rank each of the WCUSD#15 Buildings.

The 2018 Illinois School Report Card data showed WCUSD#15 had 2-Exemplary Schools (WHS & WJHS) and 2-Commendable Schools (WMS & SES).


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Thank You!

Williamsville, Sherman, and Sangamon County Residents,

WCUSD#15 is extremely thankful to have a positive outcome on the 1-Cent County Schools Facilities Sales Tax! Thank you to the voters who recognized the need to update our facilities and provide our students a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment.

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District Dispatch CSFST October 25, 2018

Sangamon County Schools Seek a 1% Sales Tax Referendum to Address Facility Needs.

Sangamon County Schools will place a 1% sales tax question on the November 6th Ballot as a step to help increase school safety, security, and improve school facilities. There are many questions about the 1% sales tax and as a result, I have compiled many common questions and have listed answers.

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District Dispatch CSFST October 18, 2018

County Sales Tax Revenue For Facility Funding To Sangamon County Schools

The county schools facility sales tax is for one cent on every dollar spent on qualifying retail purchases. Not everything falls under the County Sales Tax like all other municipal or county sales tax items. If it is not currently taxed, it will not be taxed.

The County Schools Facility Sales Tax revenue is generated locally from all Sangamon County residents, but more importantly generated from the population traveling to Springfield and through Sangamon County. Data shows that 30-40% of this qualifying sales tax revenue is generated from people outside, traveling to, and visiting Sangamon County. The county schools sales tax is a shift from relying exclusively on property owners to help fund public schools. This tax is shared amongst all people paying the sales tax on the qualifying purchases.

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District Dispatch CSFST October 11, 2018

What Is a Sales Tax for School Facilities?

Background: Recognizing the need for Illinois schools to remain competitive and to reduce the burden of school facility funding on real property owners, Illinois legislators passed the Illinois County School Facility Tax Act (CSFT) in 2007. The intent of the law is to provide both a new source of funding for public schools, and an alternative source of funding to traditional property tax revenues. The CSFT provides for a retail sales tax of up to 1% on “non-essential” goods sold in the county for funding school facility needs. Similar laws have been enacted with success in many other states, including in Iowa, where the option was passed by every county. To date, the county school facility sales tax has been approved in 51 Illinois counties and will be on the ballot in three more counties in November 2018.

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District Dispatch CSFST October 4

Sangamon County School Facility Sales Tax

On November 6, 2018, the voters of Sangamon County will be asked to approve a proposal to provide funding to all county school districts through a 1-cent retail sales tax increase. The revenue from this Sangamon County School Facility Sales Tax will be generated from Sangamon County residents and more importantly from the people who visit and travel through Sangamon County. The revenue can only be used to maintain and improve school facilities or to make payments on existing bond debt. The Sangamon County School Facility Sales Tax is a shift from exclusively relying on local property taxes to fund school facilities.

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WCUSD#15 District Dispatch Information

The WCUSD#15 District Dispatch is a monthly publication from the Superintendent to:

1. Enhance communication to the public
2. Build trust and transparency with the WCUSD#15 Learning Community
3. Educate and communicate the State of the District

If you have any questions regarding the WCUSD#15 District Dispatch, please contact Tip Reedy, Superintendent. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Illinois Youth Survey Report

The Illinois Youth Survey report provides data on a variety of health and social indicators including drug use, bullying, school climate and much more.

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WCUSD#15 FY19 Budget and Financial Projection

The link below is a copy of the WCUSD#15 FY19 Budget and Financial Projection presentation. Due to historical lack of linear revenue from the state, the District has been deficit spending for the last several years. Due to our Equalized Assessed Evaluation (EAV) increasing on an average of 4.2% over the past 10 years, our only guaranteed increase in District revenue is the increase in local tax extensions. During this time the WCUSD#15 Tax Rates have decreased. The WCUSD#15 Tax Rate of $4.47 is the 13th lowest out of the 18 Sangamon County School Districts. As the expenses to educate a student continue to increase, the District has continued to do more with less. The WCUSD#15 Board of Education have been very good financial stewards to the taxpayers.

Budget Presentation Sept 17, 2018.pdf

District Dispatch September 2018


With the world we live in today, we need to plan, practice, prepare, and educate the community and students of the importance of school security. We are very fortunate to live in communities which are great places to raise kids. For the most part, we are very sheltered from society’s ills, and crime is not something we often witness or are exposed to. Consequently, we tend to take for granted the comforts given to us by living in such quiet communities, easily forgetting the importance of being diligent in maintaining safe practices.

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Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15
451 S. Pine St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-2014
Fax: 217-566-3890
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville High School
900 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3361
Fax: 217-566-3792
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville Junior High School
Grades 6-8

500 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3600
Fax: 217-566-2475
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Sherman Elementary School
312 South Street
Sherman, IL 62684

Voice: 217-496-2021
Fax: 217-496-2473
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15
451 S. Pine St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-2014
Fax: 217-566-3890
Attendance: 217-566-2325

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