PSAT 8th Grade Testing

Eighth grade students will be taking the Preliminary SAT 8/9 on Wednesday Nov 7th. This test will help identify areas where your student excels and other areas that they should focus on to improve academically. Results from this test will help WJHS teachers recommend high school English, Math, and Science placements for your student's freshmen year. Scores will link students to career 
PSAT scores are not sent to colleges, but do help predict how your student would perform on the SAT (a globally recognized college admissions test) which will be taken during the spring semester of junior year. After receiving PSAT 8 scores, WJHS students will be given access to a individualized SAT study plan through khan academy and career planning resources through the college board. 
It is important that each student be prepared and present for the PSAT test on Wednesday. Students who miss testing will not be given a make up test, per college board test administration procedure. Please avoid scheduling any appointments or planned absences for your student on this date (November 7th). Testing will start at 9:20am and conclude at 12:00pm. The best preparation for the test is to engage in classroom learning and practice academic skills over time. Students should bring a number 2 pencil with eraser (no mechanical pencils) and an approved calculator.
For more information on the PSAT 8 please visit:

Williamsville High School
900 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3361
Fax: 217-566-3792
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville Junior High School
Grades 6-8

500 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-3600
Fax: 217-566-2475
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville 5th Grade Center
Grade 5
504 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-4070
Fax: 217-566-2183
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Sherman Elementary School
312 South Street
Sherman, IL 62684

Voice: 217-496-2021
Fax: 217-496-2473
Attendance: 217-566-2325

Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15
800 S. Walnut St.
Williamsville, IL 62693

Voice: 217-566-2014
Fax: 217-566-3890
Attendance: 217-566-2325

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