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Episode 119


What has been a growing problem has only gotten worse this school year; that is the treatment of officials at both the high school and junior high athletic events. IHSA Director Craig Anderson recently put out an article in which he stated that only twenty percent of officials continue with the profession after two years. We have started to see the decline of the number of new officials within Central Illinois for the last two years, which has resulted in the difficulty being able to fill the games we have scheduled. This has really been an issue during both basketball and baseball seasons.

 Many officials state that the reason they do not continue to officiate is because of the treatment they receive from the fans in the stands. What us and other schools have begun to see is that without officials you cannot have games; in some instances, we have officials that don’t even show up, even though they have been contracted for a specific game.

 With post-season basketball in full swing, we felt that this would be perfect time to dive into this topic further and see what is being done across the state to address this issue. Assistant Executive Director from the IHSA, Sam Knox, joins us to give the IHSA perspective on the growing crisis and what fans can do to ensure we have a long line of officials for many years to come.

 We also preview the 2019 boys’ basketball regional championship between the hosts Bullets and fellow Sangamo Conference opponent, Riverton.

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