Williamsville High School Staff Member Pages

NameLinksEmail AddressSchool(s)Grade and/or Department
Bates, JamieWebpage batesj@wcusd15.org WJHS, WMS, WHS   Speech Pathologist
Batson, LoriWebpage batsonl@wcusd15.org WHS   Kitchen
Beard, CourtneyWebpage -
Lesson Plans
beardco@wcusd15.org WHS   Physical Education
Beard, NickWebpage -
Lesson Plans
beard@wcusd15.org WHS   PE-Health-Drivers Education
Bentley, KarenWebpage bentley@wcusd15.org WHS   Cook
Bergee, BrandonWebpage bergee@wcusd15.org WHS   Student Teacher
Blakeman, DaneWebpage blakeman@wcusd15.org WHS   Boys JV Basketball Coach
Brennan, MikeWebpage brennanmi@wcusd15.org District, WHS   Technology, Coach - Girls Golf
Bryant, DeniseWebpage bryant@wcusd15.org WHS   Registrar
Casson, TylerWebpage -
Lesson Plans
cassonty@wcusd15.org WHS   Art
Chladny, HayleyWebpage chladnyh@wcusd15.org WHS   Guidance
Chladny, PaulWebpage -
Lesson Plans
chladny@wcusd15.org WHS   Drivers Education
Clark, JenniferWebpage clark@wcusd15.org WHS   Office
Clow, MichelleWebpage clow@wcusd15.org WHS   Library
Connolley, MelanieWebpage connolley@wcusd15.org WHS   Office
Dame, SarahWebpage -
Lesson Plans
dame@wcusd15.org WHS   Math
Damery, AshleyWebpage damery@wcusd15.org WHS, WJHS   Guidance
Doerfler, JamesWebpage -
Lesson Plans
doerfler@wcusd15.org WHS   Science
Eucker, AdamWebpage eucker@wcusd15.org WHS   Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Faloon-Sullivan, ToniaWebpage -
Lesson Plans
faloon@wcusd15.org WHS   Social Studies
Farris, HeidiWebpage farris@wcusd15.org WHS   Support Services
Flammini, AnneWebpage -
Lesson Plans
flammini@wcusd15.org WHS   English
Furlow, DougWebpage furlowd@wcusd15.org WHS   Principal
Girard, JenniferWebpage girard@wcusd15.org WHS   Cook
Glaub, VinceWebpage glaub@wcusd15.org SES, WMS, WJHS, WHS   Psychologist
Gudwien, MikeWebpage -
Lesson Plans
gudwienm@wcusd15.org WHS   English
Haarmann, KristieWebpage -
Lesson Plans
haarmann@wcusd15.org WHS   Support Services
Halford, BJWebpage -
Lesson Plans
halford@wcusd15.org WHS   Social Studies
Hampton, JonWebpage -
Lesson Plans
hampton@wcusd15.org WHS   Science
Hendrickson, EricWebpage -
Lesson Plans
hendrickson@wcusd15.org WHS   Music/Chorus
Horton, LauraWebpage hortonl@wcusd15.org WHS   Aide
Jaynes, LindaWebpage jaynes@wcusd15.org WHS   Kitchen
Kershaw, AdamWebpage -
Lesson Plans
kershaw@wcusd15.org WHS   English
Kinkade, Michael T.Webpage kinkade@wcusd15.org WHS, WJHS   Special Education, Special Education
Kruger, BonnieWebpage kruger@wcusd15.org WHS   Kitchen
Kunz, AaronWebpage -
Lesson Plans
kunz@wcusd15.org WHS   Math
Larson, DebbieWebpage -
Lesson Plans
larson@wcusd15.org WJHS, WMS, WHS   Art, Art, Art
Lorton, PattyWebpage -
Lesson Plans
lorton@wcusd15.org WHS   Science
Manci, AnthonyWebpage manci@wcusd15.org WHS   Custodian
Manley, JillWebpage manley@wcusd15.org WHS   Aide and Cheerleading Coach
Martens, JayWebpage -
Lesson Plans
martens@wcusd15.org WHS   Social Studies
Matulevich, ElyseWebpage -
Lesson Plans
matulevich@wcusd15.org WHS   Family and Consumer Science
McCall, MarciaWebpage mccall@wcusd15.org WHS, WJHS   Nurse
McCormick, MikeWebpage mccormick@wcusd15.org WHS   Coach - Football
McKinney, BrentWebpage mckinney@wcusd15.org WHS   Coach
Moorman, DeniseWebpage moorman@wcusd15.org WHS   Physical Education - Long Term Substitute for Courtney Beard
Morrissey, TedWebpage -
Lesson Plans
morrissey@wcusd15.org WHS   English
Muskopf, KyleWebpage -
Lesson Plans
muskopf@wcusd15.org WHS, WJHS   Band
Nell, NickWebpage nell@wcusd15.org WHS   Coach
OConnor, DanWebpage -
Lesson Plans
oconnor@wcusd15.org WHS   Math
Pasbrig, AshleyWebpage pasbrig@wcusd15.org District, WHS, WJHS, WMS, SES   Support Services
Patrick, JoshWebpage -
Lesson Plans
patrick@wcusd15.org WHS   PE, Drivers Ed, Health, Coach - Football
Ramey, JordanWebpage ramey@wcusd15.org WHS   HS Frosh Boys Basketball Coach
Root, JulieWebpage -
Lesson Plans
rootj@wcusd15.org WJHS, WHS   Math, Math
Russell, BethanyWebpage russell@wcusd15.org WHS   Guidance
Selby, BarbWebpage selby@wcusd15.org WHS   Kitchen
Sexton, AmyWebpage sexton@wcusd15.org WHS   Custodian
Shade, TashaWebpage -
Lesson Plans
shade@wcusd15.org WHS   Health/Physical Education
Sivak, JohnWebpage sivak@wcusd15.org WHS   Fall Play Director
Smith, DerekWebpage -
Lesson Plans
smithd@wcusd15.org WJHS, WHS 8th Grade  Social Studies, Coach - Football
Smith, JenniferWebpage -
Lesson Plans
smithj@wcusd15.org WHS   Agriculture
Storey, SusanWebpage storey@wcusd15.org WHS   Kitchen
Surbeck, JeffreyWebpage -
Lesson Plans
surbeck@wcusd15.org WHS   Science
Thompson, DannyWebpage thompsondl@wcusd15.org WHS   Custodian
Tierney, SkylarWebpage tierneys@wcusd15.org WHS   Coach
Trimpe, BrantWebpage -
Lesson Plans
trimpe@wcusd15.org WHS   Math
Turnbull, GaryWebpage turnbull@wcusd15.org WHS   Maintenance,Custodian
Turner, KurtWebpage turnerk@wcusd15.org WHS, WJHS   Athletic Trainer
Vicich, JamieWebpage -
Lesson Plans
vicich@wcusd15.org WHS   Spanish
Walsh, Jo EllenWebpage -
Lesson Plans
walsh@wcusd15.org WHS   Business
Whitten, DanaWebpage -
Lesson Plans
whitten@wcusd15.org WHS   French
Williams, NickWebpage -
Lesson Plans
williamsn@wcusd15.org WHS   English
Winkel, ShaylaWebpage -
Lesson Plans
winkel@wcusd15.org WHS   Support Services
Woods, TrevisWebpage woodst@wcusd15.org WJHS, WHS   Coach