All Buildings Staff Member Pages

NameLinksEmail AddressSchool(s)Grade and/or Department
Anderson, VickiWebpage WJHS   Kitchen
Ashbaugh, MindyWebpage SES Kindergarten 
Banister, KellyWebpage SES   Kitchen
Barnett, KarenWebpage SES   Title 1 Interventionist
Bates, JamieWebpage WMS, WJHS, WHS   Speech Pathologist
Batson, LoriWebpage WHS   Kitchen
Batson, RichWebpage District   Transportation
Baugher, MeganWebpage WJHS 6th Grade  Math
Bayless, RashelWebpage - Planbook WJHS 7th Grade  Social Studies
Beals, MelindaWebpage SES, District   Aide, Transportation
Beard, CourtneyWebpage - Planbook WHS   Physical Education
Beard, NickWebpage - Planbook WHS   PE-Health-Drivers Education
Beaver, MicheleWebpage WJHS   Library
Bechtel, KimWebpage SES   Aide
Benner, TeresaWebpage District   Board
Bennett, AdriannaWebpage SES   Music
Blakeman, DaneWebpage WHS   Boys JV Basketball Coach
Bolar, AmyWebpage WHS   Science (LTS for Surbeck)
Bonner, LynseyWebpage SES 1st Grade 
Bosworth, LisaWebpage SES   Music
Brennan, JenniferWebpage District   Human Resources/Payroll
Brennan, MikeWebpage District, WHS   Technology, Coach - Girls Golf
Brumleve, KatherineWebpage SES 4th Grade 
Bryant, DeniseWebpage WHS   Registrar
Burris, AustinWebpage District   HVAC
Buttry, JessWebpage WJHS 6th Grade  Science
Buttry, LanieWebpage SES 1st Grade 
Byer, ChrisWebpage SES 3rd Grade 
Carlson, StaceyWebpage WJHS 6th Grade  Social Studies
Casson, LindaWebpage WJHS   Office
Casson, TerryWebpage WJHS   Coach
Casson, TylerWebpage - Planbook WHS   Art
Chamblin, JohnWebpage District   Transportation
Chladny, HayleyWebpage WHS   Guidance
Chladny, PaulWebpage - Planbook WHS   Drivers Education
Clark, JenniferWebpage WHS   Office
Clow, MichelleWebpage WHS   Library
Cole, KristyWebpage WJHS, WMS   Music
Conklin, CoreyWebpage District   Board
Cook, KarenWebpage WJHS   Support Services
Cox, AlishaWebpage - Planbook WJHS 7th Grade  Science
Cox, KendraWebpage SES 3rd Grade 
Crawford, JamesWebpage SES   Custodian
Crocher, HollyWebpage SES Kindergarten 
Croy, ShaylaWebpage - Planbook WHS   Support Services
Dahl, ScottWebpage WHS, WJHS   XC Coach (Volunteer)
Damery, AshleyWebpage WHS, WJHS   Guidance
Darnell, FloraWebpage SES 4th Grade 
Davidson, MelanieWebpage WHS   Office
Davidson, MitchellWebpage WJHS, WMS   Physical Education, Health
Doerfler, JamesWebpage - Planbook WHS   Science
Duncan, DanielleWebpage WHS   Cheer Coach
Eucker, AdamWebpage WHS   Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Faloon-Sullivan, ToniaWebpage - Planbook WHS   Social Studies
Fandel, JoeWebpage - Planbook WJHS   Physical Education
Farris, HeidiWebpage WHS   Support Services
Fawns, PatWebpage SES   Office
Fawns, WilliamWebpage WJHS, District   Custodian, Transportation
Finley, LoriWebpage SES   Kitchen
Flammini, AnneWebpage - Planbook WHS   English
Fowler, CathyWebpage WMS   Aide
Friedrich, PhilWebpage District   Transportation
Fulks, RondaWebpage WMS 5th Grade 
Furlow, DougWebpage WHS   Principal
Furlow, JenniferWebpage WMS 5th Grade 
Glaub, VinceWebpage SES, WMS, WJHS, WHS   Psychologist
Groth, KellyWebpage WJHS 6th Grade  English
Gudwien, CindyWebpage - Planbook WJHS 7th Grade  Reading
Gudwien, MikeWebpage - Planbook WHS   English
Haarmann, KristieWebpage - Planbook WHS   Support Services
Haggard, JohnWebpage District   Maintenance
Halford, BJWebpage - Planbook WHS   Social Studies
Hampton, JonWebpage - Planbook WHS   Science
Hamrick, KraigWebpage WMS   Custodian
Haugh, AmyWebpage SES   Physical Education
Heaps, MarciaWebpage - Planbook WJHS 7th Grade  Math
Held, BethWebpage SES 1st Grade 
Henderson, StacieWebpage WJHS 8th Grade  Reading
Hendrickson, EricWebpage - Planbook WHS   Music/Chorus
Heubner, LizWebpage SES 3rd Grade 
Horton, LauraWebpage WHS   Aide
Ibbotson, AdamWebpage District, WHS, WJHS, WMS, SES   Director of Educational Services
Ingram, BetsyWebpage SES 2nd Grade 
Jaynes, LindaWebpage WHS   Kitchen
Jordan, JackieWebpage SES   Kitchen
Kennedy, LauraWebpage WJHS 8th Grade  English
Kerber, LynnWebpage SES Preschool for All  Aide
Kershaw, AdamWebpage - Planbook WHS   English
kinkade, Webpage  
Kinkade, Michael T.Webpage WHS, WJHS   Special Education, Special Education
Kircher, MeganWebpage SES   Title 1 Aide
Kluemke, AmyWebpage SES 4th Grade 
Kovacevich, PamWebpage District   Board
Kovski, MandyWebpage SES   Aide
Kruger, BonnieWebpage SES   Kitchen
Kunz, AaronWebpage - Planbook WHS   Math
Lang, LisaWebpage WMS   Office
Lanter, LindseyWebpage SES   Speech Pathologist
Larson, DebbieWebpage WJHS, WMS, WHS   Art, Art, Art
Laurenzana, KristineWebpage SES   Title 1 Math
Lindsey, JanisWebpage SES   Principal
Locke, AmandaWebpage WJHS   Kitchen
Lorton, PattyWebpage - Planbook WHS   Science
Mahr, AngelaWebpage - Planbook WJHS 6th Grade  Reading
Manci, AnthonyWebpage WHS   Custodian
Manley, JillWebpage WHS   Cheerleading Coach
Martens, JayWebpage - Planbook WHS   Social Studies
Mason, PeggyWebpage - Planbook WJHS 7th Grade  English
Matulevich, ElyseWebpage - Planbook WHS   Family and Consumer Science
McCall, MarciaWebpage WHS, WJHS   Nurse
McCormick, MikeWebpage WHS   Coach - Football
McGhiey, PamWebpage SES   Speech Pathologist
McLay, JanetWebpage SES 2nd Grade 
McPherson, JulieWebpage WMS 5th Grade 
Mead, MattWebpage SES 4th Grade 
Meister, JenniferWebpage SES 2nd Grade 
Miller, KeithWebpage District   Transportation
Miller, TrishaWebpage District   Office
Moffitt, MalloryWebpage SES 1st Grade 
Montgomery, MarilynWebpage District   Office
Montgomery, MartyWebpage District   Transportation
Moore, KerstinWebpage SES   Aide
Morrissey, TedWebpage - Planbook WHS   English
Moss, NikiWebpage WJHS   Physical Education
Mundstock, LindseyWebpage SES   Support Services
Muskopf, KyleWebpage - Planbook WHS, WJHS   Band
Neathammer, KariWebpage SES Kindergarten 
Norman, AbigailWebpage SES, WHS 4th Grade  LTS for Mrs. Woods, VB Coach (Volunteer)
Obertino, BarbWebpage SES   Library
OConnor, DanWebpage - Planbook WHS, WJHS   Math, Electives
Oglesby, ClintWebpage WJHS   Maintenance,Custodian
Olysav, JeanWebpage WJHS   Kitchen
Osman, PaulineWebpage District   Kitchen
Pasbrig, AshleyWebpage District, WHS, WJHS, WMS, SES   Support Services
Patrick, JoshWebpage - Planbook WHS   PE, Drivers Ed, Health, Coach - Football
Peters, WillWebpage SES   Physical Education
Polanin, MorganWebpage SES Kindergarten 
Pritchard, ChristineWebpage SES   Custodian
Ratliff, KurtWebpage District   Board
Ray, TomWebpage District   Board
Ripka, SueWebpage WJHS   Aide
Root, JulieWebpage - Planbook WJHS, WHS   Math, Math
Russell, BethanyWebpage - Planbook WHS   Math
Ryan, RoseWebpage SES   Social Worker
Sanderbeck, StephanieWebpage WHS   Aide
Schreiber, EmilyWebpage SES WJHS  Aide
Schuecking, RonWebpage District   Transportation
Selby, BarbWebpage WHS   Kitchen
Selinger, RichardWebpage District   Transportation
Seman, MattWebpage District   Board
Shade, TashaWebpage - Planbook WHS   Health/Physical Education
Shores, RogerWebpage District   HVAC (Part-time)
Shoufler, ClayWebpage WJHS   Principal
Sisti, TylerWebpage WHS   Custodian
Sloman, SumarWebpage SES 3rd Grade 
Smith, DerekWebpage WJHS, WHS 8th Grade  Social Studies, Coach - Football
Smith, EricWebpage District   Transportation
Smith, JenniferWebpage - Planbook WHS   Agriculture
Snow, BeckyWebpage WJHS   Office
Stinebaker, RyannWebpage WMS 5th Grade 
Storey, SusanWebpage WHS   Kitchen
Strocher, CynthiaWebpage WHS   Kitchen
Surbeck, JeffreyWebpage - Planbook WHS   Science
Swaney, ShannonWebpage District   Library
Szoke, CarissaWebpage SES 3rd Grade 
Tappenbeck, KristineWebpage WMS 5th Grade 
Thomas, JenniferWebpage WJHS 8th Grade  Science
Thompson, DannyWebpage WHS   Custodian
Thompson, DaveWebpage SES   Maintenance,Custodian
Thompson, NickWebpage District   Transportation
Thompson, RonWebpage District   Transportation
Thomson, MorganWebpage SES   Support Services
Thornton, ClintonWebpage SES Preschool for All 
Tierney, JaymeWebpage SES, District   Nurse
Toman, JanineWebpage District   Transportation
Torchia, LinseyWebpage SES Kindergarten 
Trimpe, BrantWebpage - Planbook WHS   Math
Truter, LoriWebpage SES   Counselor
Turnbull, GaryWebpage WHS   Maintenance,Custodian
Turner, KurtWebpage WHS, WJHS   Athletic Trainer
Twait, JoyceWebpage SES   Art
Vicich, JamieWebpage - Planbook WHS   Spanish
Vignali, LynnWebpage SES 2nd Grade 
Volk, RachelWebpage WJHS   Aide
Walsh, Jo EllenWebpage - Planbook WHS   Business
Warren, CarrieWebpage WMS 5th Grade  Support Services
Waugh, CharlieWebpage District   Board
Weller, ScottWebpage SES 1st Grade 
Whalen, LoriWebpage SES   Office
Wherley, ChrisWebpage District   Technology
Wherley, LindseyWebpage WJHS 8th Grade  Math
White, AnnieWebpage SES   Aide
Whitten, DanaWebpage - Planbook WHS   French
Wilkins, KathyWebpage WJHS 8th Grade  Support Services
Williams, NickWebpage - Planbook WHS   English
Wilson, NancyWebpage WJHS   Aide
Wilson-Meyer, AmandaWebpage WJHS, WMS   Aide
Woods, BrittanyWebpage SES 4th Grade 
Woods, TrevisWebpage WJHS, WHS   Coach