WHS Daily Bulletin



Need to see Mrs. Chladny or Mrs. Russell in our Guidance Department?  Please make an appointment with them online first.  Go to the WHS website, click on Guidance, and then make an appointment!



Monday, March 8:


4:30 PM

Scholastic Bowl


IHSA 1A Regional Final

6:00 PM

G JV & Varsity BKB

Away – Bus leaves 4:45pm

North-Mac (Girard)


Tuesday, March 9:


Lunch:      , Choice of Milk       


Polar Runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting March 9th Any track athletes not currently in a sport are encouraged to attend.

6:00 PM

B JV & Var BKB

Away – Bus leaves 4:40pm

Petersburg Porta High School


Wednesday, March 10:


Lunch:         , Choice of Milk            



6:00 PM



Petersburg Porta High School


Thursday, March 11:



Lunch:         , Choice of Milk            



4:30 PM



Springfield High School

6:00 PM

G JV & Varsity BKB

Away – Bus leaves 4:50pm

Auburn High School


Friday, March 12:


Lunch:    , Choice of Milk  



4:30 PM


Away – Bus leaves 1:45pm,

please dismiss at 1:35pm

Jersey Community HS

6:00 PM

B JV & Varsity BKB

Away– Bus leaves 4:20pm

Midwest Central High School


Saturday, March 13:


03:30 PM



Lutheran High School



General Announcements:


Face Coverings: Face coverings will be required for all students, staff and visitors inside the school buildings and on school busses at all times.  Masks must cover the nose & the mouth.


Congratulations to Loren Hahn – February Student of the Month!


The YMCA is looking for kids (16 and older) who would be interested in being a summer camp counselor for the YMCA.  Please see the link below. 



LIFEGUARD CERTIFICATION AND RECERTIFICATION: PORTA Pool will offer the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course April 1 - 3. Participants must be 15 years old by April 3 and must pass a pre-course swim. Attendance at all of the course sessions is required. Lifeguards who are currently certified can also recertify during this course. A detailed schedule will be available soon. Contact Rachel Frost, PORTA Pool Manager, 217/632-4745 or rfrost@porta202.org, for information and to register. 


Volunteer Opportunities:


If any student is interested in signing up for any of the community service activities below or any new ones as they come out and are not yet a member of the National Honor Society, please sign-up for the "Students Interested in NHS and Community Service - 2020-2021" Google Classroom using the Class Code "ofjll27".  Once you join the Google Classroom, there will be a Google Form to complete to sign-up this year.


Williamsville C.U.S.D. #15 – Food Service Assistance - The Williamsville C.U.S.D. #15 is looking for volunteers each Monday to assist with their food service.  Volunteers will be needed from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Sherman Elementary School.  Volunteers will be able to sign-up to help in 1-hour increments, and they may sign-up for multiple 1-hour increments for each Monday.  Volunteers will be helping bag meals for distribution to students.  Since the volunteers will be working with food production, all hair needs to be restrained. If possible, long hair should be tied back, and everyone MUST wear a hat.  NO STUDENT SHOULD BE MISSING ANY REQUIRED ATTENDANCE FOR THEIR CLASSES, EITHER IN PERSON OR ONLINE, TO COMPLETE THIS COMMUNITY SERVICE. 


WHS Guidelines for Spectators at 20-21 Athletic Events:


In accordance with IDPH, IHSA, and IESA guidelines, the WCUSD #15 Athletic Department has developed the following guidelines for all home events that will occur during redb20210308ing 20-21 school year. It is our goal to hold all scheduled contests for our student-athletes. In order for this to occur, we need the full cooperation of visiting schools, spectators, athletes, coaches, and officials with the requirements that are listed below. Please understand that requirements to conduct athletic events may change and we may be required to change our procedures for hosting events. If there are any changes to these procedures, we will communicate them as quickly as possible.

-It will be the responsibility of the visiting school to certify that their athletes and coaching staff are COVID-19 symptom free prior to arrival.

-All visiting schools must follow the guidelines that have been set forth by the IDPH, IESA, and IHSA in regards to participating in athletic contests. This includes coaches being masked at all times, players wearing masks as per their sport specific guidelines.

-Each athlete and coach will be allowed one guest as long as our region redb20210308s in Phase Four (50 spectators). If we move to Tier One, no spectators will be allowed.

-For high school events, fans will enter the facility at the db20210308 entrance of the high school, located in the front of the building.

-If there are multiple contests occurring for a scheduled event, the gym will be cleared between each event and players will leave with their guest.

-Fans should not arrive any earlier than fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of the contests. You will be contacted by a representative from your school when the facility is ready for you to enter; please redb20210308 in your vehicle until that time.

-All spectators will be required to check-in and be certified that they are COVID-19 symptom free; this will include a temperature check. Once checked-in, spectators will be directed to the location for their social distanced seating area.

-Spectators will be required to wear a mask while they are in any WCUSD #15 facility.

-Concessions will not be available but guests of athletes may bring in bottled water.

-Contest officials must wear masks in accordance with IHSA and IESA guidelines.

-Due to locker rooms not being available, all athletes will be expected to arrive dressed and ready to compete, with the exception of their game shoes.

-Cheerleaders from visiting schools will not be allowed to attend