WHS Daily Bulletin


Wednesday, January 27:


Lunch: Beef nachos, cheesy refried beans, shredded lettuce, diced pears, cookie, choice of Milk 


Remote Learning Lists Reset for February 2-March 5.  Please notify your building principal if you intend to attend remote only through this next timeframe.


Thursday, January 28:


Lunch: Beef nachos, cheesy refried beans, shredded lettuce, diced pears, cookie, choice of Milk 


Last Day to Notify Building Principals of Intent to Stay Remote Learning Through March 5.


Friday, January 29:


Lunch: Big Daddy’s cheese pizza, buttered peas, peaches, pudding cup, choice of Milk 



Saturday, January 30:


9:00 am – Scholastic Bowl - Jesse Brown Small School Virtual Showcase (Varsity)


Monday, February 1:


Students return to 4 Day Attendance starting tomorrow!  Parents and students will have the option to choose Full Remote Learning through March 5.  Parents choosing Full Remote Learning will need to notify building principals by Thursday January 28.  Student Full Remote Learning after March 5 may require a doctor's note for a medically compromised situation.


Tuesday, February 2:


Lunch  , choice of Milk 


Tuesday, February 3:


Lunch  , choice of Milk 


Tuesday, February 4:


Lunch  , choice of Milk 


Tuesday, February 5:


Lunch  , choice of Milk 


Saturday, February 6:




General Announcements:


Face Coverings: Face coverings will be required for all students, staff and visitors inside the school buildings and on school busses at all times.


Congratulations to Katie Kennedy – January Student of the Month!

The 2020 yearbooks have arrived. Siblings will be allowed to pick up another sibling's yearbook, but if you want someone other than your sibling to pick up your yearbook for you, please email Mr. Gudwien the details. Without the email request, we will not release the yearbook.

Lastly, there will be books available for purchase if you didn't order one; the books are $58, and checks should be made out to WHS.

Volunteer Opportunities:


If any student is interested in signing up for any of the community service activities below or any new ones as they come out and are not yet a member of the National Honor Society, please sign-up for the "Students Interested in NHS and Community Service - 2020-2021" Google Classroom using the Class Code "ofjll27".  Once you join the Google Classroom, there will be a Google Form to complete to sign-up this year.


Williamsville C.U.S.D. #15 – Food Service Assistance - The Williamsville C.U.S.D. #15 is looking for volunteers each Monday to assist with their food service.  Volunteers will be needed from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Sherman Elementary School.  Volunteers will be able to sign-up to help in 1-hour increments, and they may sign-up for multiple 1-hour increments for each Monday.  Volunteers will be helping bag meals for distribution to students.  Since the volunteers will be working with food production, all hair needs to be restrained. If possible, long hair should be tied back, and everyone MUST wear a hat.  NO STUDENT SHOULD BE MISSING ANY REQUIRED ATTENDANCE FOR THEIR CLASSES, EITHER IN PERSON OR ONLINE, TO COMPLETE THIS COMMUNITY SERVICE.