WHS Daily Bulletin


Tuesday, August 20:


Students will attend all eight periods. Earlybird classes will not meet on the first two days of school.


1st hour 8:18 8:39am

2nd hour 8:43 9:04am

3rd hour 9:08 9:29am

4th hour 9:33 9:54am

5th hour 9:58 10:18am

6th hour 10:22 10:42am

7th hour 10:46 11:06am

8th hour 11:10 11:30am


Wednesday, August 21:


Building Schedule:


8:18am Report to 1st period for attendance


8:25 9:04

Freshmen Group Meeting Juniors Activity meetings

Sophomore Bus evac/Storm procedures Seniors Class meeting

9:08 9:46

Sophomore Group Meeting Seniors Activity meetings

Freshmen Bus evac/Storm procedures Juniors Class meeting


9:50 10:28

Junior Group Meeting Freshmen Activity meetings

Seniors Bus evac/Storm procedures Sophomore Class meeting



10:32 11:10

Senior Group Meeting Sophomore Activity meetings

Juniors Bus evac/Storm procedures Freshmen Class meeting

11:10am - Students report to 8th period classes. Faculty, please review fire drill procedures with your 8th period class.


11:15am Fire drill




Thursday, August 22:



Friday, August 23:



General Announcements: