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WCUSD15 News

          Sherman Elementary School will be holding Kindergarten pre-registration for the 2015-2016 school year on Thursday, February 19th from 4:00-7:00 pm at the elementary school office. If you cannot make it to pre-registration on February 19, you are welcome to come from 8:00 am-3:00 pm the week of February 23. It is extremely important in our planning for the next school year to have an accurate count of kindergarten students, so please help us by registering your child before March 1, 2015.

If you live in the Williamsville School District and have a child (or children) who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2015, please plan on registering your child.  If at all possible, please bring the following items with you:

  • Certified copy of your child's birth certificate
  • Proof of residency within the district (Copy of lease, mortgage, or tax bill)
  • Physical – a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August
  • Immunizations –a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August
  • Eye exam- a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August
  • Dental exam- a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August

                    In addition, a Kindergarten Orientation Night for incoming Kindergarten students and their parents will be held in August before the first day of school. The August meeting will be an informational meeting for parents and a time for new kindergartners to explore their kindergarten classroom.

In an effort to improve the game day experience for fans and spectators, the Williamsville High School Athletic Department is gathering information from the public on the interest level of having a section of reserved seating at home varsity football games. The seating would be similar to what is pictured below. We ask that you complete the survey at the following link: Survey for Reserved Seating.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey and your continued support of Bullet Athletics. 


Click on the attachment below to see some of the great work our artists at the Junior High have completed recently. These and other works of art were entered in the Scholastic Art Awards Fair.  The attachment lists the students and the awards given.

Congratulations to our WHS Scholastic Art Award winners:

Gold Key Winners:

Elizabeth Downey – Ceramics and Glass, Tea Landsverk - Sculpture, Kaitlyn Mayer (2) – Mixed Media and Photography

Silver Key Winners:

Erin Asper – Sculpture, Tea Landsverk (2) – Drawing and Illustration and Mixed Media, Mark Mangiaracina – Ceramics and Glass, Kaitlyn Mayer – Drawing and Illustration, Isabella Szabo – Ceramics and Glass

Honorable Mention:

Emma Crawford – Mixed Media, Elizabeth Downey – Ceramics and Glass, Tea Landsverk (3) – Painting (2) and Sculpture, Mark Mangiaracina – Ceramics and Glass, Kaitlyn Mayer (3) – Photography (2) and Printmaking, Breanna Skeels (3) – Photography (2) and Sculpture, Isabella Szabo – Ceramics and Glass, Athena Welander – Drawing and Illustration


The start time for the 6th Grade Boys Basketball Game at Rochester MS on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 has been moved from 6:00 pm to 4:30 pm. 

Bullets TV will return for the winter starting tonight, January 12 as the Lady Bullets host Auburn in a Sangamo Conference match-up. The reminder of both the varsity boys and girls home games will be broadcast. If you purchased a subscription in the fall for the Bullets Football games that subscription will work for the basketball season as well. 

Boys Basketball Games

Tuesday, January 20 vs Decatur Lutheran

Saturday, February 7 vs Urbana

Friday, February 13 vs Pawnee

Friday, February 20 vs Auburn

Girls Basketball Games

Monday, January 12 vs Auburn

Saturday, January 31 vs Staunton 

Monday, February 5 vs Mt. Pulaski 

WeatherSchool cancellations are never easy, regardless of how much some students might enjoy them. We do take into consideration all factors when calling off school due to weather conditions, from safe travel by students who drive, to buses starting and then driving on rural roads, to potential wait time at bus stops, to students who may walk to school with potentially dangerous wind chill levels (-20 below or colder). In addition, we also consider impending weather conditions that might be coming which could create travel problems at dismissal, resulting in early dismissal for our students. Usually, if there is an early dismissal, it will be after lunch since we want to be sure that our students have the opportunity to have a hot lunch prior to being dismissed. These are never easy decisions, but ones that we take very seriously and always consider safety as our number one priority.

For those of you unaware, public schools have 180 attendance days of school during a school calendar year. This means that if there is a school cancellation in the winter, the day must be made up at the end of the school year. Regardless if emergency days are used or not during the year, the students will attend the same amount of days every year. Therefore, whether school is cancelled or not has nothing to do with school district funding since all public schools have to go the same number of days. School emergency days are purely for the sake of safety for our students.

There can be several days in the year that are extremely cold, but school is still in session. Obviously, we cannot cancel school just because it is cold otherwise we will be going to school all summer as well. Consequently, the district has temperature benchmarks and wind chill benchmarks that guide us in making the decision on whether or not school will be cancelled. Please review a travel plan and/or a busing plan with your child for those types of days - just in case there is a problem and they need to find shelter or alternate travel arrangements to and from school. In addition, please make arrangements to be home and/or to transport your child if need be. If we do cancel school, I will do my best to make the call as early as we can so that we are able to give parents as much time as possible to arrange child care.

Another added feature that we have been using when cancelling school is our School Messenger system. This is a communication convenience that we now use to ensure that all parents/guardians are aware of the cancellation or early dismissal. This system will send you an automated phone call / text / email notification. If you have not received these messages from our previous cancellations this year or need a change in contact information, please let us know and/or update your status at registration. We hope that this service has helped you in your preparation plans for emergency days during the school year.

Dave Root

Be sure to join the Williamsville Sports Booster for their annual dinner/dance on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at the Northfield Inn and Suites in Springfield. Besides a night of fun and a chance to win great prizes, you will also help the boosters in their continued support of both Bee Bee and Bullet Athletics. Please see the attached flyer for additional information or contact Debbie Price at 217-414-1330 or Michelle Buscher at 217-494-5475.

2015 Williamsville Sports Boosters Dinner/Dance Flyer


District Dispatch attached and you can find more information here: Vision 20/20 

sectional champs girls bkb


Our 8th grade girls basketball squad is headed to the state tournament this weekend in Germantown Hills (10 miles northeast of Peoria).  The Bee Bees defeated a strong Deer Creek Mackinaw squad, 20-18,  in a game that was intense and back and forth the entire game.  

A strong defense, solid rebounding, and key free throw shooting enabled the girls to overcome a 2nd half deficit of 18-13.  The Bee Bee's would not allow a point to be scored in the 4th quarter.  Congratulations to Coach Fandel and the squad.

The team will play in the Class 3A Elite 8, state quarterfinals, this Saturday, 2:30 pm , at Germantown Hills Middle School vs. Pleasant Plains.

Earlier this season, the Bee Bee's lost a Double Overtime thriller to Plains, by a score of 40-39.  Should be a good one this Saturday!  Good luck ladies!

Directions/Map from WJHS to Germantown Hills

Follow the state tournament results

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